Maro Wood Grill

Come and join the action … be a part of the open kitchen, mesquite wood grilled grass fed beef, organic chicken and a hand crafted menu designed around available and unique products and then indulge the award winning desserts.

Inspired by Argentina appreciate pure simplicity over the lost art of cooking over open fire.
Imagine wood grilled rustic method combined with modern, bold and uncommon Argentinean meat cuts, mesquite charcoal fireworks .. grilled locally sourced produce .. sensory overload of Argentinean love.
Passion that is inherent in the hand crafted items .. Chimichurri. Aioli. Membrillo. Ice Cream. Empanadas. Matambre.

Fellow artisans, ranchers, and farmers have spent lives work to offer their best product, whose love for their craft translates directly to the quality of their product and whose hard work drives our creativity and inspires our kitchen. Keeping the time and distance as short as possible between the harvest and consumption.

Sourced at the peak of seasonality .. we craft dishes that showcase the flavor
Our passionate approach allows the naturalness of every ingredient to radiate
Celebrating food, friends, community and family we provide healthy and natural ingredients, in a home-like setting, cooking over open wood coals for your dining pleasure.

Supporting the local community is the cornerstone of our existence. Having been active with LB Water Polo, Monthly School Fundraisers, The Ecology Center, Local Farmers Market, OC Restaurant Association.